C-19 regulations for Frozen Lake Marathon

C-19 Regulations will be updated. These are the rules that was planned for the 2021 event: Important – we must follow national and local rules for the date the event takes place and they might change on short notice. The following update is from February 16 2021, and we hope and believe that the regulations will stay the same. Major changes in the following rules will be emailed all participants if they occur.

Rules for participants  the Frozen Lake Marathon 2021.

  1. Keep a minimum of 2 meters distance to all other people at all times.
  2. Use mouth covering when picking up BIB, and leaving race bag in tent.
  3. Wash hands frequently – use gloves.
  4. Fell free to bring your own drinks/snacks and place on your designated space, around the course. Do take responsibility for your own litter.
  5. Drinking stations are available with prefilled cups, that must be thrown in designated areas.
  6. Snacks/food during the race is wrapped and placed out in individual portions, where only one person can pass at the time. You must walk away after grabbing your snack, and always use gloves when picking it up. Litter must be thrown in designated areas.
  1. There are toilets in the start/finish area, and mouth covering must be worn and hands must be cleaned before and after entering the toilets.
  1. Spectators are not allowed in the start / finish area. If you have someone driving you to the event, please advice they park in designated areas, and keep distance from other people.
  1. AT START, wait for your BIB to be called, and wait in line / 2 meters apart. The start will be organized in groups of 25 people. Mat start ensures the timing starts when you cross the line – so your timing of the race is correct. Because of this be aware that the first person crossing the finish line is not automatically the winner.
  1. AFTER THE RACE – please do pick up medal and luggage in designated area, and please leave the start/finish area as soon as possible. You would probably head for a shower in a cabin or at your hotel. A podium ceremony for the top 3 athletes will be held in good distance from the start / finish area.