Finisher medal!

All finishers receive this exclusive wooden medal after crossing the finish line.


Location: Tisleifjorden, Gol, Norway

The race area (start and finish) is situated on Tisleifjorden, 25 km from Gol, Norway. See map.

Distance to Tisleifjorden by road:

From Oslo: 190 km
From Bergen: 300 km
From Göteborg: 500 km
From Stockholm: 725 km

Getting here

The best way to get to the start is to reserve a seat on the official shuttle bus – operating between the official race hotel and the race arena.

Parking availability will be highly limited by the race area. There are a few parking spaces located close to the arena. Please equip your car with studded tires if you intend to drive to the starting area.

Bag service during the race

Participants will be able to drop one bag in the race area. Make sure your bag is clearly tagged at the top, before leaving it at the bag drop, to ensure a quick service when you collect it after the race. Please do not leave valuable items in your bag. While we do our best to keep your belongings safe, Icebug do not accept liability for lost belongings and valuables.

Changing facilities & toilets

Tents for changing will be provided in the race area. The changing facilities are very basic, and we recommended that you arrive dressed for the race.

There will be portaloo toilet facilities available.

Test run a pair of Icebug shoes

You will get the chance to borrow a pair of Icebugs for testing during the race. Our shoe testing tent offers all sizes in a few select models. Please note that the test shoes are limited and there is no guarantee that you will be able to borrow a pair or find the right size.

For safety reasons, participants must ensure that they wear studded shoes during Frozen Lake Marathon.

Studded shoes

The entire track is made of ice, so participants will need to wear studded shoes.

Even with steel studs under your feet, there is never a 100% guarantee that you will not slip, so please take care.


Since the race takes place in alpine terrain, the weather may be a bit unpredictable. We advise you to bring clothes for all types of weather conditions.

The course

The race consists of one or two 21,1 km laps on a course of 100% ice. A safe course is plotted by an assembled support team. The team monitors the course closely and the final course is laid out just days before the race start.

Energy station

We will serve; Umara as a sports drink, and energy products,  water, coffee, warm soup after the race!

You will find the energy stations at 7km, 14km, 21km 28km, 35km

About the lake

Tisleifjorden is located 819 meters above sea level in the Norwegian municipalities of Gol and Hemsedal in Buskerud, and the Nord-Aurdal municipality in Oppland. For the most part, the ice on the lake is about 80 cm thick – with a carrying capacity up to 30 tons.

Among other things, the lake is used for testing tires and emergency vehicles, and by drivers looking to test their skills in icy conditions.

Read more about Isbanedrift, the company operating the track:


Friday March 24

14:00 – 21:00 Race office at Oset Høyfjellshotel. Pick up your bib here.

19:30 The Frozen Lake Nightrun – Warm-up race – headlamp is recommended!

Inlcuded in the startingfee for the Frozen Lake Marathon.

Saturday March 25 – Race day!

08:30 EARLY START (for Marathonrunners 4:30 or slower)

09:00 – Race arena opens at Tisleifjorden. Pick up your bib here.

10:00 START Frozen Lake Marathon 42,2K

11:00 START Frozen Lake Half-Marathon 21,1k

13:00 Podium Ceremony 21K

14:15 Podium Ceremony 42K

16:00 Cut off time all distances

Lunch on the ice after finish (warm local soup + bread)


For questions, group bookings and visitors, please contact by email:

Am I allowed to run with my dog?

Yes, we like dogs and they are welcome to participate and run in a leash.

What if I get injured?

If an accident happens and you need to exit the race, our race staff will assist you. Medical staff are on stand-by in the starting area, in the event of an accident.

Do I get anything to eat at the finish line?

At the finish line we will serve soup, water, energy drinks and bars.

Is there an age restriction?

No. If you think you can run it, then you can run it.

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A great run starts with
a good night's sleep.

Oset Høyfjellshotell 

The official hotel for The Frozen Lake Marathon

Oset is a family run mountain hotel with a cozy warm atmosphere. Since 1880 we have been renowned for our kitchen. Skiing and outdoor adventures are on your doorstep. Indoor pool, bar and dancing, Norway’s largest collection of farm antiques, and everything you would expect of a genuine Norwegian mountain lodge. Located 10 minutes from the race arena.

Agencies / packages

For group bookings and visitors, please contact by email:

Frozen Lake Marathon




Find your inner Elsa in the Frozen Lake Marathon – a running experience like
no other

Take part in an ice cold adventure on the lake Tisleifjorden in Norway, located
819 meters above sea level. The ice covering the lake is about 80cm thick and
carries 30 tons – or 577 Eliud Kipchoges.

Covid-19 info


The race will be held on the lake Tisleifjorden, Norway. It is located 819 meters above sea level. The ice covering the lake is about 80 cm thick, which carries 30 tons. The Ice Marathon course normally works as a test driving course for vehicles and car tyre traction, but now you have the opportunity to run it.

Finisher medal!

All finishers receive this exclusive wooden medal after crossing the finish line.

Frozen Lake Nightrun.

The warm-up run

On Friday at 19:00, we light up torches on the lake and invite you all to a 5K warm-up run. No timing, no stress just pure fun. Headlamp is recommended!

Starting list

Heree you will find everyone who has registered for the Frozen Lake Marathon March  2022

Frozen Lake Marathon