Frozen Lake Marathon Hall of Fame


TOP 3 Marathon

1.Sander Simpson-Larsen3:02:13
2.Robert-Jan Arke3:10:52
3.Jin Hui Zhang3:14:27

1.Yana Strese3:41:45
2.Rachel Stanley-Evans3:55:35
3.Abelone Lyng3:59:34
TOP 3 Half marathon

1. Tomasz Danielkiewicz 1:28:32
2. Ahmed Alwerfali 1:33:34
3. Maxime de Barrau 1:43:34

1.Simone Raatz 1:38:17
2.Aina Helene Hole 1:45:52
3. Natalija Boguseviciene 1:49:20


TOP 3 Marathon

1. Oscar Rosenberg 3:01:50
2. Marco Pallini 3:06:32
3. Simon Stark 3:13:41

1. Abelone Lyng 3:55:34
2. Katarina Gori 3:59:26
3. Claire Buckley 4:10:46
TOP 3 Half marathon

1. Lukasz Cwiklinski 1:30:11
2. Arnaud Beck 1:32:39
3. Andrew Pilsbury 1:33:48

1. Fanny Imbert 1:48:04
2. Aina Helene Hole 1:50:08
3. Louise Lindblom 1:54:34


TOP 3 Marathon

1. Vemund Øvstehage 3:03:54
2. Marc Perscheid 3:19:52
3. Andreas Lervik 3:22:59

1. Abelone Lyng 3:55:58
2. Izabela Sliwinska 4:07:57
3. Sofia Fülöp 4:10:12
TOP 3 Half marathon

1.Robert Nilsen1:30:18
2.Christian Wedig1:34:18
3.Ryan Kronk1:36:47


1. Yana Strese 1:46:05
2. Nat Skye van Hessing 1:47:26
3. Arnadottir Ragnhildur 1:49:36

2019 - The First Edition

TOP 3 Marathon

1.Adam Stenman2:59:29
2.Nikolai Tefre Lunder3:08:16
3.Andreas Martinussen3:10:37


1.Jackie Stretton3:20:44
2.Ulrika Sjöwall3:39:07
3.Helen Eriksson3:55:46
TOP 3 Half marathon

1.Morten Grønneberg1:25:39
2.Tor Andreas Andersen1:27:32
3.Sindre Viberg1:28:28

1.Sara Holmgren1:27:10
2.Elvira Vegas1:34:19
3.Kildahl Sofie1:42:07

Official Frozen Lake Marathon records


Adam Stenman 2:59:29 2019

Jackie Stretton 3:20:44 2019
Half marathon

Morten Grønneberg 1:25:39 2019

Sara Holmgren 1:27:10 2019

Frozen Lake Marathon honourable achievements

Winner of  both distances, Half Marathon (2022) and Marathon (2024) 

Yana Strese

Back to Back Winner, Marathon (2022 and 2023)

Abelone Lyng

Most Podium finishes (3 – 2022, 2023, 2024)

Abelone Lyng


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Practical information

Getting here

The best way to get to the start is to reserve a seat on the official shuttle bus – operating between the official race hotel and the race arena.

Parking availability will be highly limited by the race area. There are a few parking spaces located close to the arena. Please equip your car with studded tires if you intend to drive to the starting area.

Bag service during the race

Participants will be able to drop one bag in the race area. Make sure your bag is clearly tagged at the top, before leaving it at the bag drop, to ensure a quick service when you collect it after the race. Please do not leave valuable items in your bag. While we do our best to keep your belongings safe, Icebug do not accept liability for lost belongings and valuables.

Changing facilities & toilets

Tents for changing will be provided in the race area. The changing facilities are very basic, and we recommended that you arrive dressed for the race.

There will be portaloo toilet facilities available.

Test run a pair of Icebug shoes

You will get the chance to borrow a pair of Icebugs for testing during the race. Our shoe testing tent offers all sizes in a few select models. Please note that the test shoes are limited and there is no guarantee that you will be able to borrow a pair or find the right size.

For safety reasons, participants must ensure that they wear studded shoes during Frozen Lake Marathon.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our events, please contact

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